Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Maths Problem Solving

Add and subtract decimals

Add and subtract decimals

WALT: Add and subtract decimals

Trade and Enterprise

Guest what our topic for this team it is all about learning about trade and enterprise. Trade and Enterprise is all about learning to create or sell a products that we are designing and making. As part of the topic we were put into groups of 6 to design or make our product for this term.

A trade fair is all about selling what you have made or what your product is all about. A trade fair is all about seeing what other people have created for other people to see so they can buy it. It our trade fair we use Pts or Pcs to buy what they have at the trade fair.

Zack: When I picked my choices for the groups I got picked to join the toy’s group and our leader was Mr Bax. I have teamed up with my friend adam and have been working on a rubber band gun. We have picked a rubber band gun because we know most of the boys will come to our product because they like guns.

Lomio: I wasn’t here on the first day and When I first got my first group there were called custom stationery and our leader was Mr Goodwin. I have teamed up with Mo and Muba and me and my friends have been working on door hanger’s. We have picked door hangers because we know that some boys and girls would like to put them on there door knobs cause sometimes there are like busy.

When we first got our very first bank account we started with 20 Pcs. And every day that we come to school it gives us another 20 Pcs. 20 Pcs in Nz dollar is 40 cents and twice the Pcs. There are 4 different Pcs and Pts 20 and 50 Pcs and the Pts are 1 Pt and 2 Pt. 1 pt is worth 2 Nz Dollars and 2 Pt is worth 4 dollars.

I’m really looking ford to our market day coming up in 3 weeks!. I am hoping to make lots of PTs with my friend adam with our product. It going to been hard work in the 3 weeks making and creating products for the market.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Comparing Greenstone to Mudstone

WALT: we are learning to describe greenstone and mudstone.

Today my group called the L&P has been working about Mudstone and Greenstone and we have been writing how it can be flaked and not be flaked on the padlet.

Friday, 14 August 2015

If I had a million dollars

Image result for mansionWhen I got back home from school I was feeling kinda weirds, my hands were shaking and  when I opened the door money came out and pushed me back. I was shocked “what just happened in front of my eyes” a million dollars that I could spend at anyplace I could buy a mansion, get a pool or do shopping and travel around the world there are so many things to do. I do not know what to do with all this money in my hand because It's all mine now and to spend at  the shops.
Image result for Xbox 1

The next day I went to the mall to buy as many things as I can like games, headphones, roshes
there is so many thing to buy at the mall. First I went to the toy shop I bought : Nerf guns, remote

control truck, kinetic sand, lego and a remote control police car. Then we went to Jb Hifi and this was the place to buy thing I buyed: PS4, Xbox1, PS3, Xbox360, Tablets, Ipad, Headphones, Phones and flat screen T.V’s.After that I run over to foot locker's to see what sale’s they got for me to buy I bought: Nike air jordans, roshes, reeboks, pumas, nikes, nike t-shirts and shorts. Image result for Nike

Ski Trip

WALT: read and use new vocab
Today I have been learning about advertising. I have readied a story about a Ski Trip.I have done this by my self.So there's a boy called Anthony he needed to fundraising so he can go to the ski trip cause he's mum couldn't pay for it.