Friday, 14 August 2015

If I had a million dollars

Image result for mansionWhen I got back home from school I was feeling kinda weirds, my hands were shaking and  when I opened the door money came out and pushed me back. I was shocked “what just happened in front of my eyes” a million dollars that I could spend at anyplace I could buy a mansion, get a pool or do shopping and travel around the world there are so many things to do. I do not know what to do with all this money in my hand because It's all mine now and to spend at  the shops.
Image result for Xbox 1

The next day I went to the mall to buy as many things as I can like games, headphones, roshes
there is so many thing to buy at the mall. First I went to the toy shop I bought : Nerf guns, remote

control truck, kinetic sand, lego and a remote control police car. Then we went to Jb Hifi and this was the place to buy thing I buyed: PS4, Xbox1, PS3, Xbox360, Tablets, Ipad, Headphones, Phones and flat screen T.V’s.After that I run over to foot locker's to see what sale’s they got for me to buy I bought: Nike air jordans, roshes, reeboks, pumas, nikes, nike t-shirts and shorts. Image result for Nike

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