Monday, 5 December 2016

My character story

My character is a male and his name is Echo

He is 25 years old, he’s brave, crazy, smart, strong, bodyguard.

He lives in a cave near a forest and the ocean

he is builder and makes drones

When he gets angry he goes into a rock bender

He lives with his mom and dad

Until someone came and burned their mum’s and dad’s house

Echo caught them planting C4 on the house

Calm mode                                                                Angry modeninja.pngScreenshot 2016-11-29 at 10.31.36 AM.png

One day there lived a man named Echo he is 25 of age. He was born in the city and was living with his mum and dad. He was a builder that can build moving objects with electricity like drones. Drones were his favorite things to make. Until he got kicked out of his job for coming late for 4 days, so he took everything that he needed to build more drones.

Once he drove off he saw burglars planting C4’s at his mum and dad's house and had broken in. So Echo jumped out of his car and had went on a rampage and went into electric bender, while he saw the burglars taking all their belongings. Echo’s parents didn’t race out of the house as they panicked up stairs.


All about Pseudoscience

Monday, 7 November 2016


WALT: introducing angles we had to solve out what angles makes and what other angles makes the same same number that we are looking.

Friday, 4 November 2016

gummy worm experiments

Title - gummy worms experiments
Purpose: What do you want to learn/find out?
To find out when you put gummy-worms made out of sodium alginate in a solution calcium and chloride

Hypothesis: Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is ‘educated guess’. This is usually stated like ” If I…(do something) then…(this will occur)
I think it won’t work because the sodium alginate won’t go with the water only if you put in the calcium.

Materials: List everything you will need to conduct your experiment.
Calcium, chloride, sodium alginate, pipettes, and little cups, water

Experiment procedure: The fun part! Design a test or procedure to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Write down each step so that someone else could do the same experiment.
1. We mixed water with calcium chloride.
2. After that we got the pipettes and filled it with sodium alginate.
3. Then we Fill the water and add the sodium alginate.
4. Then we watched the sodium alginate move around the cup of water.
5. When we finished watching it we took it out of the cup
6. Then we tipped out the water and all of us were holding the sodium alginate.

Analysis/Data: Record what happened during the experiment.

When we finished the little drops of sodium chloride were floating in the cup of water and calcium chloride.

The water didn’t go with sodium alginate.

When we took out the sodium alginate it was yuck, green and soggy.

When we added all the sodium alginate together the cup of water turned into to green.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

State of matter

States of matter

Work on this Doc together with a partner or in a 2.

Give three examples of each state of matter?
Iron bars

What’s the difference between the three states of matter?
Particles close together like Iron bars
Particles that have some space to move around like water
Particles that has lots of space like air

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you learned from this reading.

Today I have learned that matter can be anything that you touch and the things that you eat. Matter is made up by 3 different forms and which are Solid, Liquid, Gas like when you freeze a water that will turn into a ice which is a solid but when you melt a ice that turns into water which is Liquid and when you boil water you will start to see steam for it which is Gas.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Think board master


WALT: Use Bedmas when solving algebraic equations

If your wondering what is bedmas . well bedmas stands for 6 different names so here are them Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Talking points

Today our class had to be split into two big groups and had to see what happens when one person specks while the other person is specking over the other person that was specking first so we had to go one by one so we don't have to speck all at once so the listing person that wants to know how to make something or something else to say to them.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Gabriel & Saia Trip to San Francisco

Today we had to guest that Traveled to San Francisco and came back and they are Tamaki college students there name where Gabriel & Saia they came back and was talking to us about there trip to San Francisco they were the lucky 2 students to go to San Francisco there where heaps of place they went to. and to study some of the ideas and get to us one of the first and ever to play the new x-box-1-slim.

The places that they went to was ero, Kiwi landing pad, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stamford,        Khan Academy, Microsoft, Golden gate bridge, Ivy League school, Alcatraz. One Gabriel's favorite place that he went was Alcatraz which was a prison place out of no where and was the number one prison in the world but when 3 prisoners escaped  they had to shut down the prison so it was no more number one any more

Thursday, 18 August 2016

How does our muscles work

Green means important Bro!

Our Muscles are very Important for our body because they help move our parts. There are more than 600 muscles in a human's body. Without Muscles we can out walk, talk, smile, jump and run. Our Muscle System is made out of tissue’s that helps our body parts to move...There are three kind of muscles in our bodies that help first there is the smooth muscles, Cardiac Muscles and Skeletal Muscles. Without our muscle we would be like jellyfish or like an octopus.

Our Muscle System is made out of tissue’s that helps our body parts to move. Muscles are a body tissue that can contract and produce movements. If your muscles get tired that means it is Muscle Fatigue. Our Muscles live in our body and it’s a good thing. Our muscles use strength and power. If you want to beat Muscle Fatigue that means you can exercise, relax and stretch. ..when you smile to other people you use 15 muscles to smile and if you frown you use 40 muscles. When your are walking you use up to 400 muscles in your body while using your legs. And you need to stretch⇐. All of us has over 300 muscles in our body. THAT’S CRAZY RIGHT!.

So even if some looks so muscular they still have the same amount of muscles. Cardiac muscles are like your heart. The Heart muscle is also called myocardium. It contracts and relax.

The smooth or Involuntary muscle is around your stomach it's like a layer around the stomach that protects it. When a person needs to throw up the smooth muscle helps push the yuck things out of your body throw your mouth

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Muscles Fatigue

Today we had to learn about muscle Fatigue to keep our bodies healthy and to keep our muscles healthy.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Think-board Master

today we had to solve out this so we can start getting use to it so we don't have to remember  .

Friday, 8 July 2016

My Poem

Today we had to make our own poem and our poem had to rhyme this If I was a king for a day 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Art Station

This Term was As I See It so every after morning tea and lunch time we have art but thats only some times so my art station is paper mache so this what did I left some steps if you guys that are reading this you can make one I made 1 to 4 steps for you if you want to make it so yeah. thank - you for reading my blog :-)

1.) make a boat out of cardboard you can make any size out of it.

2.) when your done you can start cutting news paper or normal paper cause you gonna need it .

3.) when your done cutting you can start gluing your boat and start sticking your paper or news paper on the glue and do that all around the boat and even inside the boat.

4.)  when your done you can add another layer if you want to but if you don't want to then you can add anything what you want on it.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

So Today we did Wool and nail a school today we had to find a partner and started to work first we had to hammer the nail to the wood for our first step we had to nail to the wood so we can start our wool here is  a photo of the first one after that we had to wool around the nail to make something and here is the photo of the second one

Monday, 16 May 2016

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly


Immersion assembly
Team 1- our favorite things - Julie Andrew

Ms Wild - dog - chihuahua named Joey

Mrs George - Hokey Pokey - Whittakers

Miss Peck - pandora bracelet.

Team 2 - Seasons - summer, Winter, Autumn, spring

Team 3 - Grand designs and making House

Team 4 - Super hero comic - Batman, Wonder Woman, captain America 

Team 5 - Is Learning about the four wakas Hokule’a , Hinemoana , Kikiana lia , Te Aurere


Today is a new day because It TREAM 2 ! ! ! Today the whole school of Pt england had a Immersion assembly this was normal because we always do this every term after we welcome back the whole school we watch some of our teachers that were acting. One of my favorite acting show was the Team 4 this term for this year for them is comic and there movie was cool. One of the characters in the movie was a teddy bear playing as the bad guys and playing as the good guys was Mr Somerville as the teachers leaders captain America and Miss Lavakula is playing as Wonderwoman and Mr goodwin was playing as bat guy and Miss Moala and Mrs West was kinda like the jr super heros .

So this is how it start off So a Teddy bear was the bad guys and he was walking slowly so the super-heros don’t see him from doing something so the teddy bear went into a classroom by going through the window and went to the netbook cabet and got out his knife and open the cabet and steels bobby's chromebook and went to the front door and then miss Moala and Miss West comes out of nowhere and start to charge at him when they got to him they punch him but next minute he doge there punches and start to do a ninja kick and a super punch and miss Moala and miss West was defeated and was tied around. 

And then the avengers came wonder woman and Bat-Guy and Finally The Teachers Leader Captain America they both rushed up and started to fight so Captain America throws his shield at the teddy bear POW and Wonder Woman does an uppercut to the stomach BOOM and Bat guy comes over and finishes the teddy bear with a bat kick POW And the Teddy bear was going to jail and the others safe Miss moala and miss West and then they said thank you to the Vengers and Miss moala was look at bat guy muscle and said wow your muscle are big and then Wonder women comes out of nowhere and said look at my one and miss Moala said ohh your muscle looks bigger then bat guy.



Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Walt: Solve word problems that require the length, area, volume and capacity, weight

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Narrative writting

The Camp

One beautiful sunny day, there lived Judah and Ryan sitting on the front deck at their Nana's house. So then Ryan got up and said “hey we should go to that camp that was on t.v yesterday, because we are doing nothing at all”
“but what if dad comes back with the creamy chocolate donuts and ice cream with KFC” replied Judah.
“it’s not all about eating bro you know me i’m the healthiest in the house” said Ryan
“are you trying to call me fat?”
“no no man I’m just trying to say that we should go to the camp that came on t.v, please brother can you come with me”. Ryan said
“ok fine” said Judah
“I promise that today is going to be the best day of your life” replied Ryan.

So they went to camp of champs, but once they got to camp they saw a huge man with five big German Shepherd dog’s. Then that is when Judah said “hey man I think we should go back home now”
“no man we can’t go back home I just payed 3,210 dollars you can’t just spend money like that” replied Ryan.
“But i’m about to pee my pants man please can we go back please you know me I’m scared of dogs that are big and looking like that.”
“just hold it in man don’t be a girl your a man and man’s are the strong ones,Poor what's stinks” said Ryan
“oops I think I just did it”
“You what!!

Then the man let go of the dog’s chain by accident because it was too hard to hold them well they were pulling him and then the dog’s went and bit Judah and Ryan to death for dinner. .Then the cops showed up right on time for the crime scene. So then they took the man to prison For letting the the dogs go and attack two people and he had to pay 2 million dollars to pay for the two men’s life RIP Judah and Ryan but wait Ryan was earn a life from the GODS Then the cop said to the the big man “have a good life you filthy animal.” hahaha THE END.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The deadly roller-coaster

The deadly

One day Jono decide to go and see Chris when he got there he ask Chris if he wants to go to the deadly coaster at the theme park and Jono said “if you want too” Chris and he said “ok this will be Awesome”. So chris said “what car shell we go in yours Jono or my car”? So Jono replied back let's go in my car ok sweet. It will take 45min to get there “ok” said Chris so they turn up the music and started to singing my Youth.

When they got there Jono said “I’m going to the deadly coaster” “ok” said Chris “I’ll follow you ok then” replied Jono it was a 1 seat per person so Chris said you go first and Jono said oh thank bro but do you really want to go first? No thanks said Chris ok said Jono so he went on it he first went up 150 meter up. And then he went fast as flash he went thru a cave and when he went in he went down and hit the ground hard. When he hit the ground hard he was calling for help because he wasn't that far from where he started cause it was like 25 block away.

And Then heard something and then he heard it again it was Jono calling out for help so he went to go and see but it was to late another ride was coming and then the person that was riding he fell down on top of Jono and he died it was too late The end.

Friday, 5 February 2016

My Draft

Fakalofa lahi atu ,Malo e lelei and Greeting to you all.

My name is Lomio-Lee I was born in National Women's Hospital in Greenlane in Auckland on 2004 June the 12th. But my mum and dad were born in the Islands. From Tonga and Niue and they came to New Zealand when they were young with there mum and dad. I love playing Rugby-League and Rugby 7s and all other sports, but League is my favorite sports out of all of them.

This year I am a year 7 now and I’m in Mrs Clark's classroom,room 2, with the year 8’s. Being a Intermediate is kinda cool and Making new friends with the year 7/8 and meeting the new Teacher that were teaching the other student from 2015.