Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly


Immersion assembly
Team 1- our favorite things - Julie Andrew

Ms Wild - dog - chihuahua named Joey

Mrs George - Hokey Pokey - Whittakers

Miss Peck - pandora bracelet.

Team 2 - Seasons - summer, Winter, Autumn, spring

Team 3 - Grand designs and making House

Team 4 - Super hero comic - Batman, Wonder Woman, captain America 

Team 5 - Is Learning about the four wakas Hokule’a , Hinemoana , Kikiana lia , Te Aurere


Today is a new day because It TREAM 2 ! ! ! Today the whole school of Pt england had a Immersion assembly this was normal because we always do this every term after we welcome back the whole school we watch some of our teachers that were acting. One of my favorite acting show was the Team 4 this term for this year for them is comic and there movie was cool. One of the characters in the movie was a teddy bear playing as the bad guys and playing as the good guys was Mr Somerville as the teachers leaders captain America and Miss Lavakula is playing as Wonderwoman and Mr goodwin was playing as bat guy and Miss Moala and Mrs West was kinda like the jr super heros .

So this is how it start off So a Teddy bear was the bad guys and he was walking slowly so the super-heros don’t see him from doing something so the teddy bear went into a classroom by going through the window and went to the netbook cabet and got out his knife and open the cabet and steels bobby's chromebook and went to the front door and then miss Moala and Miss West comes out of nowhere and start to charge at him when they got to him they punch him but next minute he doge there punches and start to do a ninja kick and a super punch and miss Moala and miss West was defeated and was tied around. 

And then the avengers came wonder woman and Bat-Guy and Finally The Teachers Leader Captain America they both rushed up and started to fight so Captain America throws his shield at the teddy bear POW and Wonder Woman does an uppercut to the stomach BOOM and Bat guy comes over and finishes the teddy bear with a bat kick POW And the Teddy bear was going to jail and the others safe Miss moala and miss West and then they said thank you to the Vengers and Miss moala was look at bat guy muscle and said wow your muscle are big and then Wonder women comes out of nowhere and said look at my one and miss Moala said ohh your muscle looks bigger then bat guy.



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  1. This is a great piece of writing Lomio. You have included so much detail and I especially like the sophisticated words you have used like 'defeated'.

    Keep up the great work.

    Miss Clark :)


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