Friday, 27 November 2015

Kawau island poster

This is me and Zack's Kawau island poster and it tells you how much hours and min from school to sandspit,Kawau island so we know what it takes to get there and back.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


On Saturday my family and I went to St Luke's to have lunch at the mall.My family went inside it was packed there went to the food court to choose what I’m going to have for lunch.For lunch I had sub-ways and my two sisters had Mcdonalds and my mum and dad had sushi.

After we came back home I went in my room and played call of duty black ops zombie on my computer and my to sister were in bed on there Ipads watching videos. Until 4:50 pm me and my family went to night market to buy some food and other staff.

Google cardboard

This is one of the greatest creation from Google that has been made because it made people to see everything in 3D. When you put it on it feel’s like you're in a different dimension you can look around and discover new things using the app made by google. If you want one of these you have to have the app, a smartphone, and the google cardboard box. If you try this you can look down and then you look around to see things and every find history. And don’t try to stand and walk because you can fall or hit something or somebody or you can break your phone when you fall down. So make sure you sit down and move around slowly but you can stand and walk around slowly.

Kauwau Island History

Kauwau Island is one of the largest island in Hauraki Gulf. Kawau is one of the most beautiful islands of the Hauraki Gulf and one of the richest in history. In one fact that Kauwau Island was named after Kawau Paka. The main creatures on kauwau Island were Weka and Wellebies and there names both start with the letter W. There all kind of creatures all around kawau Island Gannets, Caspian Tern, Oystercatchers and others.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Chocolate game

Firstly it was Mr Somerville’s first day back, when he was back in our small class we played the chocolate game. It was amazing. In our class some of us were laughing at them how they cut their chocolate even when the others were trying to get them out by rolling the dice trying to get a six to get them out.

The Rules how to play is that there be customs in the middle and a block of chocolate in the middle with a plate with fork and knife to cut a piece of the chocolate. Also there be a dice only one dice and with the dice we have to try to get a six to get out the person that's trying to eat the block of chocolate and the person who rolled the dice and stop on the number six on it they have to go and put on the custom and trying to eat the chocolate.

when me and my class were playing the chocolate game and Mr Somerville was taking photo of us cutting the chocolate.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Talking about a game

Image result for duck life 2Duck life 2 is a game that you have to train your own little duck and get more better for your own skills and challenge other ducks. You have 5 skills you have to do but you have to complete the stage and go on to the other stage so the skills are Running, Swimming, climbing, Jumping and ever your energy. 

You have to do tournaments when you have beat the one that has the ticket and when you defeat him you have to do 3 round and come first to go on to the next level. If I was to not have a friend it will be very boring and will have to do something different because you got nothing to do. But if we have a friend it will be fun because we will have a challenge.