Monday, 5 December 2016

My character story

My character is a male and his name is Echo

He is 25 years old, he’s brave, crazy, smart, strong, bodyguard.

He lives in a cave near a forest and the ocean

he is builder and makes drones

When he gets angry he goes into a rock bender

He lives with his mom and dad

Until someone came and burned their mum’s and dad’s house

Echo caught them planting C4 on the house

Calm mode                                                                Angry modeninja.pngScreenshot 2016-11-29 at 10.31.36 AM.png

One day there lived a man named Echo he is 25 of age. He was born in the city and was living with his mum and dad. He was a builder that can build moving objects with electricity like drones. Drones were his favorite things to make. Until he got kicked out of his job for coming late for 4 days, so he took everything that he needed to build more drones.

Once he drove off he saw burglars planting C4’s at his mum and dad's house and had broken in. So Echo jumped out of his car and had went on a rampage and went into electric bender, while he saw the burglars taking all their belongings. Echo’s parents didn’t race out of the house as they panicked up stairs.


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