Thursday, 27 March 2014

swimming lesson

“have you been thought by a instructors before’’?. Cause class 9 walked to the glen innes Aquatic Center pool’s,when we got there we got dress up into our tags at the swimming pools we had three instructors one is group 1,group 2 and group 3.when we got inside the pools is felt warm inside we did freestyle and arm cercle small kicks and breathing,strokes in time.

 I have been learning about arm circle. How to do arm circle is you have to put your chin on you chase so you can flot. Left arm is swimming arm and your right arm is your breathing arm so you have to lift up your left arm and make one circle and then lift your right arm and make one circle and breath from your right so you don’t die.

 Next time i will do better at rocket arm cause i struggle because I have to breath in and out and some time I get tired at kicking my legs.

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  1. I love that you have included speech in your paragraphs Lomio! It is good to read your recount of your swimming lessons.


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