Wednesday, 22 March 2017

poster about the whale child

Walt: today I made a poster about Language Features. its a bout some parts of the stores and some questions in there.

Friday, 17 March 2017



  1. One hundred and thirty five
  2. 10 more = 145
  3. 15 less = 120
  4. Subtract 28 = 107
  5. Round to the nearest 100 = 100
  6. Next even = 136
  7. Complete the number pattern 135, 139, 143, 147, 151
  8. List some factors = 135 x 1 = 135
  9. Divisible by 2? = N
  10. Double it = 270

ASB Poly Fest 2017

Yesterday we went to Polyfest. At school all the intermediate and me got to go to polyfest it was a terribly hot day but the whole day was still fun. At polyfest we were welcome by asb helpers that started the polyfest.

My first highlight was watching the Maori performance it kinda scared me a little but it was a solid performance. Me and my group sat there until the Maori were finished I was just enjoying the performance well I was eating my ice cream.

My second highlight was watching Jalen's group which was the Fijian group me and my group were excited to watch Jalen perform on the Fijian stage, we all sat there in the sun getting very hot and cheering for Jalen once his performance was finished some of us waved at him to say good bye.

My third highlight was buying food to eat before our time is done. So I buyed a banana mango smoothie to keep me cool but once I got it I started to drink to too much of it and I started to get brain freeze my second and third food that I buyed was a watermelon with ice cream and buyed a pork pun.

next time you should go to polyfest and do some fun stuff there .
click here for more Polyfest Polyfest 2

Friday, 10 March 2017

Maori gods

WALT: we are learning to learn all of the Maori gods

My Visual Mihi

this term we have been doing our DLO. we had to draw about our self and what we like.
these are the drawings that I did, the top left is the youtuber that I like to watch, on the top right I love my family and the two bottom left and right are my culture.