Monday, 18 May 2015

Reviewing A Game

Name of Game: Ducklife 4
How do you score/ win: You have to Race other ducks and beat them to unlock more place’s to and also unlock new skills.
Difficulty: 3/10
Description: In ducklife you have to train you own duck and
train its skills and race other ducks.

Lomio's work: Ducklife 4 is a game that you have to train your own little duck and get more better for your own skills and challenge other ducks. You have 5 skills you have to do but you have to complete the stage and go on to the other stage so the skills are Running, Swimming, climbing,
Jumping and ever your energy. You have to do tournaments when you have beat the one that
has the ticket and when you defeat him you have to do 3 round and come first to go on to the next level.

If I was to not have a friend it will be very boring and will have to do something different

because you got nothing to do. But if we have a friend it will be fun because we will have a challenge and get more people playing this game. So this game is a 6/10.


  1. Hi loimo
    I like that game of your one keep it up .
    from Aneelis

  2. Hey Lomio what a a awesome game and enjoy your day with Mr Goodwin and keep up the hard work


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