Monday, 18 May 2015

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

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On Sunday I woke up and was waiting for my mum to wake up and give her presents with a card for mothers day. Mothers day is verily important  because your mum do's every thing for you, helps you
out and do's your craws. Mothers make you bed, do washing, look after your little brother, clean sup and buys things for you.My mum went to her My Nana her mum and took her to see her mum and give her flowers for mothers. When we finished my dad said that we can play Play Station 4 and play until my mum come back and pick as up and take as to Nana's.When we got to my Nana's house we were waiting for our cousin's to come so we can start the feed when
everybody comes. When all my cousins come we were still waiting for my other cousin to come because they live in Hamilton so we started to eat and save some wait for our other cousin. when our cousin go here we play ball tag and played it for a bit of time and then we got into bull rush  and played until they had to go but home.

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