Friday, 26 August 2016

Gabriel & Saia Trip to San Francisco

Today we had to guest that Traveled to San Francisco and came back and they are Tamaki college students there name where Gabriel & Saia they came back and was talking to us about there trip to San Francisco they were the lucky 2 students to go to San Francisco there where heaps of place they went to. and to study some of the ideas and get to us one of the first and ever to play the new x-box-1-slim.

The places that they went to was ero, Kiwi landing pad, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stamford,        Khan Academy, Microsoft, Golden gate bridge, Ivy League school, Alcatraz. One Gabriel's favorite place that he went was Alcatraz which was a prison place out of no where and was the number one prison in the world but when 3 prisoners escaped  they had to shut down the prison so it was no more number one any more

Thursday, 18 August 2016

How does our muscles work

Green means important Bro!

Our Muscles are very Important for our body because they help move our parts. There are more than 600 muscles in a human's body. Without Muscles we can out walk, talk, smile, jump and run. Our Muscle System is made out of tissue’s that helps our body parts to move...There are three kind of muscles in our bodies that help first there is the smooth muscles, Cardiac Muscles and Skeletal Muscles. Without our muscle we would be like jellyfish or like an octopus.

Our Muscle System is made out of tissue’s that helps our body parts to move. Muscles are a body tissue that can contract and produce movements. If your muscles get tired that means it is Muscle Fatigue. Our Muscles live in our body and it’s a good thing. Our muscles use strength and power. If you want to beat Muscle Fatigue that means you can exercise, relax and stretch. ..when you smile to other people you use 15 muscles to smile and if you frown you use 40 muscles. When your are walking you use up to 400 muscles in your body while using your legs. And you need to stretch⇐. All of us has over 300 muscles in our body. THAT’S CRAZY RIGHT!.

So even if some looks so muscular they still have the same amount of muscles. Cardiac muscles are like your heart. The Heart muscle is also called myocardium. It contracts and relax.

The smooth or Involuntary muscle is around your stomach it's like a layer around the stomach that protects it. When a person needs to throw up the smooth muscle helps push the yuck things out of your body throw your mouth

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Muscles Fatigue

Today we had to learn about muscle Fatigue to keep our bodies healthy and to keep our muscles healthy.