Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What my Nana is doing Today?

Today I slept in and my sister where up so when I woke up it was 10 o'clock I was surprised that I slept in anyways it was the holiday because I got dress up in my school uniform after I got dress I went to the lounge my mum and my two sister were laughing at me cause it was the holiday then I said to myself oh man so I went back and got change to my outing clothes.

So when I got dress into my outing clothes me and my mum and two sister’s went to Nana’s house to see what are they doing.For today they were watching late rugby game so I ask mum that can I stay and she said OK and I said yes!! but my Nana speak Tongan which I know a lot but not that lot.

It was lunch time yes!! my aunty ask what do you want for lunch and I said KFC please I'm joking can I have Lu sipi it a Tongan food which that I like the best so my aunty went to the kitchen to make it and cook It takes about 59 Min to do it so my Nana went help her. When they finish my mum and my two sister came back from netball training and just in time for Lunch.After we ate it was so yum that it was soft and juicy.Me and family went home.

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  1. Great job posting during the holidays Lomio! It made me laugh when you wrote that you got dressed to go to school. Your pictures of food look delicious and has made me hungry too! Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

    From Miss Lavakula


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