Tuesday, 7 April 2015

It's the Holiday yay!!!

In my holiday my dad, my two sisters and I went to watch the lego movie and captain america and watched fast and furious 7. We had popcorn and some pineapple lumps.On saturday I was sick because I had a sore throat. But I had a game to play of rugby-league so I didn’t went. On sunday I played a game on my mum’s laptop and my two sisters played on there own tablet.I felt happy because I enjoyed everything that my parents did for me and my two sisters. I love my dad and my mum.

on wednesday my nana went on the airport to tonga to see my little cousin his name is leka his only 5 years old and my nana is going to give him a gift at tonga.

On Saturday me and family  went  to  Mission bay.when we got there we had to set up the picnic.After that me and my sister’s went and got our buckets  to build some sand castles.after I was having fun I was spent sleeping in cleaning and doing chores but the best part was going to rainbows end for night rides.

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