Friday, 4 March 2016

The deadly roller-coaster

The deadly

One day Jono decide to go and see Chris when he got there he ask Chris if he wants to go to the deadly coaster at the theme park and Jono said “if you want too” Chris and he said “ok this will be Awesome”. So chris said “what car shell we go in yours Jono or my car”? So Jono replied back let's go in my car ok sweet. It will take 45min to get there “ok” said Chris so they turn up the music and started to singing my Youth.

When they got there Jono said “I’m going to the deadly coaster” “ok” said Chris “I’ll follow you ok then” replied Jono it was a 1 seat per person so Chris said you go first and Jono said oh thank bro but do you really want to go first? No thanks said Chris ok said Jono so he went on it he first went up 150 meter up. And then he went fast as flash he went thru a cave and when he went in he went down and hit the ground hard. When he hit the ground hard he was calling for help because he wasn't that far from where he started cause it was like 25 block away.

And Then heard something and then he heard it again it was Jono calling out for help so he went to go and see but it was to late another ride was coming and then the person that was riding he fell down on top of Jono and he died it was too late The end.

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