Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining My Game

My characters name is brave he’s a warrior and his mission is to save the world and vs some evil people and guns that are be told he vs the boss which is easy when he see’s the boss again he looked harder.

Paragraph 2
My characters is human and a warrior he goes to the city to find his first hunt to lead to his enemy first he say an manhole. He started to walks to it and he fall in the manhole when he turn around he saw his enemy the enemy had guns around it
He used his power to lift up a platform so the bullet doesn't hit him so he thored the platform at the enemy to destroy the enemy so he can go pass him.

when he got pass the enemy he had to face the big boss of evil which was easy so he used his power to lift up a big wall.

Paragraph 3
A controlling machine gun Brave wins cause he used his power’s to lift up a foot plath and throwed at and the controlling machine gun was trying to shoot through it but it didn’t work the the controlling machine gun got destroyed.

Paragraph 4…
After he destroyed every enemy he vs the strongest boss ever with a panther so brave had to fight him then the boss got a lightning sword

then brave throwed a diamond spear at the panther cause the boss was sitting on it
So the panther falled back and killed the boss. Cause the Lightning sword glitched at the back of the boss.
Brave saved the day to save the world.

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