Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Duffy story

On the second week of monday all the yr3-8 all walked to the hall to see what was happening. When we got there we were surprised by some duffy people that was waiting for us to show their duffy show. As we sat down  they told us some really funny jokes to keep us company. When they were  going to start the duffy song. the whole class started singing with the duffy

After they finish telling us there jokes they sang a song it go like this  tinka tinka tinka tinka tinka la la la,to us  then we joined them what they were singing .After that they told us their names and they introduced themselves and told as their  names.There were 2 ladies there names were Sienna,Antonia and 1 boy and his name was Tj. Antonia played lot’s of character.                                    

They Started their performance about a girl not liking reading and she was studie. It was lots of fun and there was picture books,toys and dinosaurs.There was a boy called Duffy and he help her at read so she will get better. It was cool cause they was egpt mounts funny writing and they were hilarious.

At the end

It was all over we had to go back to class. But the next day we had right about it.

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