Thursday, 5 March 2015

writing test

Intro: in the morning at 9:00am we had to move to our literacy group.So my literacy class was room 7 the teacher name was Mr Somerville we got to be blind folding.In blind folding we got to partner up so one person had to be the director and the other person had to be the blindfolded my partner was my cousin zack and me I was the one who’s blind fold and my cousin was the director who tells where to go.

So me and my cousin went down to the park even other me I didn’t know where I was going.Then when we got to the park we had to play on the park but with blindfolded so my cousin told me where to go so I climbed the monkey bar all the way to the end and my arms were tired.

After that me and zack had to swope so zack was blindfolded and I was the director. then zack said to this is going to be easy but then he said it hard so I told the way for him so we went up the ladder down the ladder again up the monkey bars and the tornado.After that we all went back to class and had to write about it.

My favorite was being blindfolded and having fun with my partner and it was so cool.


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