Thursday, 5 March 2015

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In the weekends on sunday me and my family drove to the mall at pakarnga mall to have some lunch. At there I had KFC and my sister had subway, my mum dad and my mums couisen they had vegdable salad with chicken.

In the mall my family went to kmart to look for clothes for me and my two sister.So it truned out to be a happy day so we had a cold choclate sundy and ice-cream with flake it was nice cause it was a hot day.

After that my family went home and I played game's and some sport outsideOn  Saturday me and family  went  to  Mission bay.when we got there we had to set up the picnic. and me and my sister’s went and got our played buckets  to build some sand castles.

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  1. Hi lomio I like your weekend story
    I hope you Ican great story from you
    By Richard


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