Friday, 20 March 2015

Yr 5 & 6 Camp

As the sun was rising up I was excited  when we got to school we had to go in our group I was a leader for true crew when we got started we had to say the kardarkea after that we got started it was a hot sunny day I was sweating .

For our first activity we did killer zone how you play this game you have to get 1 to 5 broads and sking woods and a big sling shot with 12 balls. And 3 big gumboots and 1 small gumboot and a blue mat as a tunnel. How your woundring to win this game you have to put the flag up.

Did you know that we had a swim at the pool’s? because we can have fun. And after that  we had a shower with soap and conditioner. As we washed our selfes up we got change we probely had about 5 to 6.5 minutes and 35 seconds in the shower.

Have you ever splet in a tent before? well year 5&6 did it was funny as becuase when someone was by our tent I will fart and they will go away.Then one nignt me and my freinds had a farting competition. and guess who won me.


  1. Hi lomio
    What a amazing cool work you have done you did good in class. I hope you are having fun at camp I did to but one is not all about wining it is having fun that is like us we just like to have fun keep it up in class ok have fun with your best cool amazing friends at school.
    From Aneelis

  2. Hi Lomio what a lovely day for you I hope you guys had fun at camp ? Keep up the hard work you have done in class with Mr Goodwin . I think you have makes some new friends right . It is not all about winning its about have fun and joy in right .well done I think you are having a good start with Mr Goodwin .


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